Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tuesday 3/24/20–Aries new moon

First new moon of spring, Sun and Moon meet in Aries (2:28am PT), new year in many cultures, with emerging healing (Chiron), energized by historically amplified physical nature power (Mars, Jupiter, Pluto in Capricorn). Passionate self-expression grounded in reinforced realism. 

The centering influence now leads us with awareness of life’s interrelationship (Saturn into Aquarius), wisdom and beauty in flowering fertility (Uranus and Venus in Taurus), deep feeling in tender sensitivity (Neptune in Pisces). 

We have entered a time of global upheaval, bringing down a prevailing order based on control and denial, nature power breaking out with transformative consequence. A new day for true humanity. We’ll see where it leads.

Peace and love, everyone, everywhere.