Monday, December 02, 2019

Monday 12/2/19--Jupiter into Capricorn

Big, expansive, 12-year cycle Jupiter has hit the bottom of our seasonal cycle and moved into the grounded realism and constructiveness of Capricorn (10:20am PT), joining centering Saturn and heavy Pluto there, beginning a historic year of transformation rooted in the amplified power of physical nature. The Capricorn new moon on Christmas night will really kick it off.

Tuesday 11/26/19--Sagittarius new moon

New moon in warm Sagittarius (7:06am PT), at seasonal low ebb, with expansive Jupiter, completing a year of amplified passion. Deep feeling is backing to a stop in tender sensitivity (Neptune ends retrograde in Pisces Wednesday), anchoring us in this.
Moon into grounded, constructive Capricorn Thursday, Jupiter moving there Monday, beginning a big year of earthy energy.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Friday 11/22/19--Sagittarius

We’ve moved through the magnetic vortex of intensified sensitivity, Sun in Scorpio, now into the philosophical warmth of late autumn, Sun in Sagittarius. 

Moon in loving Libra, seeking harmony, through emotional Scorpio Sun/Mon, new moon in Sagittarius, getting down to the bottom of things, Tuesday (7:06am PT). 

Moon into grounded, constructive Capricorn on Thanksgiving, beginning a year all about this.

Wednesday 11/20/19--Mercury ends retrograde

Completing a month of emotional intensity (Sun in Scorpio), Mercury ends retrograde (11:12am PT), mental backtracking, moving forward from here.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Tuesday 11/12/19--Scorpio full moon

Mid-autumn full moon (5:34am PT).  Spirit intensity (Sun in Scorpio), earthy energy (Moon full in Taurus).  Mind reflective amidst it (Mercury retrograde, til 11/20).

Sunday, November 03, 2019

Stop messing with the clocks!

What a relief to get back to natural time. The days get longer in spring and summer—later sunset AND earlier sunrise—setting the clock ahead just throws everything off, says it’s later than you feel. You can change the clocks, but you can’t change what time it is in the natural progression of the day. Move schedules to “summer hours” in spring, back in autumn, if you want to take advantage of the longer daylight (easier to get up early, nice to enjoy late evenings), but leave the clocks alone. It’s never good to lie about truth of nature.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Thursday 10/31/19--Mercury retrograde

There's nothing wrong with Mercury going retrograde, apparent backtracking in our sky (8:42am PT, until 11/20), not even in emotionally intense Scorpio. Just means the mental flow slows to a stop and turns inward for a few weeks, undermining momentum with reflection. This can be a good thing, deepening awareness before we take action, giving us pause to consider alternatives, unexpected developments that can be solutions, not problems. Just requires flexibility, going with changes in the moving moment.
Sun in Scorpio, intensified sensitivity, Moon in warm Sagittarius, getting down to the bottom of things, into grounded rebounding Capricorn tonight (7:38pm PT). Trick and treat.

Sunday 10/27/19--Scorpio new moon

Intensified sensitivity, earthy energy.
Sun and Moon meet in Scorpio (8:38pm PT), opposite Uranus in Taurus.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Friday 10/25/19

At a time of reinforced earth power (Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus, Moon in Virgo last few days), we move into Scorpio, the magnetic vortex of emotional intensity (peak water sign).  Moon into loving Libra (1:20pm PT), meets Sun, Scorpio new moon, Sunday night (8:38pm PT)--alignment with core sensitivity.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Saturday 10/19/19

Sun in loving Libra, seeking harmony. A shift to caring feeling, Moon in Cancer, with earthy energy (opposite Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn Sunday).