Monday, September 24, 2007

Libra 2007

The first of autumn, sunset for the year. Romantic color and renewed fertility. The centering influence, after a couple of years reinforcing our passion, has now progressed into fruitful development. It's a fresh start in the land of love.

We begin the month on Sunday, September 23, with a solid core of awareness, heart aligned with healing dreams, action supporting love-mindedness. The new week starts with tender feeling, then on Wednesday the 26th the heart emerges into spring spirit for the Libra/Aries full moon, empowering us toward love's fulfillment. By the weekend it is solid with the power of the earth. Friday evening the action impulse shifts from mentality to flowing feeling. Heart turns thoughtful, reflective on Sunday, then on Tuesday, October 2nd, joins action over the top into emotional expression. Beauty is blending with power in passion.

The weekend of the 6th the heart moves through powerful radiance, emerging Sunday into tangible consequence. Expansive creativity, completing a year in philosophical warmth, is energized with sensitive wisdom, releasing on Tuesday the 9th just as heart crosses into lovingness. Wednesday night, October 10, is the Libra new moon, heart and soul aligning in awareness of true harmony, setting us on that course. Mind, which has led the way, now slows to a stop, beginning a few weeks of internalizing and deepening on Thursday night. Soul and dreams are blending in awareness as the heart succumbs to undeniable emotional intensity Friday and Saturday.

We are grounded in the beauty of fruitful outcome, our new aligning emphasis. Heart, saturated in the magnetism of spirit, settles down to the bottom of things through Tuesday the 16th. Wednesday we awaken having hit bottom, rebounding in constructiveness. By the weekend of the 20th the moon has come full circle, again joining healing dreams at the center of panoramic perspective, supporting the sun as it completes a month in loving mental attitude.

A rite of passage, we must accept alignment in awareness, key to our survival. Nature is forcing us into right relationship with all creation.