Thursday, June 01, 2006

Gemini 2006

Gemini, the charged mentality at the top of our seasonal roller coaster. On June 1, the moon/heart spirit is in Leo's peak passion, reinforced by the demand of grounding (Saturn). Mind (Mercury), in therestless mentality now (Gemini), will move over the top, into the flow of feeling (Cancer) Saturday the 3rd. Heart (moon) moves through fruitful Virgo over the weekend, loving Libra early next week, emotionally intense Scorpio by midweek, warm spirited Sagittarius next weekend. Soul and dreams are aligning in awareness (sun and Neptune trine in air signs).

Moon hits bottom early Monday the 12th, kicking off the week with constructiveness, peaking in awareness through Aquarius midweek, turning Pisces tender Friday and Saturday. Mentally stimulated soul (Gemini sun) is charged by the weight of deep power (opposite Pluto in Sagittarius), peaking Friday. Sunday the 18th, as action reinforces grounding in passion (Mars meeting Saturn in Leo), charged with emotional creativity (both squaring Jupiter in Scorpio), the heart emerges midday into Aries spring fire expression. Deep, wide mind in tender sensitivity (Uranus in Pisces) is finishing months of internalizing (retrograde) Monday morning, beginning to shift forward into revolutionary spiritual expression. Passionate action (Mars in Leo) releases charge from expansive emotional intensity (square Jupiter in Scorpio).

Wednesday morning June 21, with moon/heart in Taurus peak spring fertility, the vitality of the sun reaches the pinnacle of our seasonal cycle, summer solstice, and all the energy built into it over the last six months begins to spill into outflow and release, starting with feeling for personal sensitivity (Cancer). A summer charged with undeniable passion (Saturn in Leo) and magnetized emotion (Jupiter in Scorpio) will have begun its powerful manifestation.