Monday, June 20, 2005

June 20, 2005

We've reached the top of our "seasonal roller coaster," where energy that's been building for awhile shifts into flowing release. It's kicked off with a big full moon in primal earthiness Tuesday night, 6/21. Since expansive Jupiter is in Libra this year, aligning with deep feeling Neptune at the peak of Aquarius, there's a powerful undercurrent of awareness, especially dreams of true love and real harmony, that is a strong component of what will be unfolding this summer. By autumn, and for the next year, Jupiter will move into the focusing emotional intensity of Scorpio. Though I am concerned about what this will catalyze in the conflict between the power of nature (good) and tension-based control (not so good), it seems that whatever is going to happen will be part of a great purification, no matter the trauma it may involve. May it be a clarifying, healing experience for all of us.

Amidst the challenge of intensifyng times and the difficulties of a troubled culture reaching critical crisis, the underlying divinity of creation is always there to support us with enduring nurturance. We must give in, and let the light of true nature have its way with us.

Monday, June 13, 2005

June 13-19, 2005

It's the last week of spring, the awareness near the top of our seasonal roller coaster (summer solstice), on the brink of major energy release. Our soul vitality (sun) is anchored by deep power at the bottom of things (Pluto in Sagittarius). The activating impulse (Mars) has crossed into individual passion (Aries), giving everything a stimulating kick.

The week begins with the heart spirit in fruitful productivity (moon in Virgo). Tuesday, wise mind grinds to a stop and begins months of deepening, internalizing, in tenderness (Uranus retrograde in Pisces). Wednesday, the heart crosses into colorful love awareness, this year reinforced by expansive creativity (moon in Libra, with Jupiter). Quick mind, charged with creativity, is blending with wisdom in emotional sensitivity (Mercury square Jupiter, trine Uranus in water signs).

Friday night, and for the weekend, the heart moves into undeniable magnetic feeling (moon in Scorpio), just as the soul has reached the pinnacle of mentality (sun in Gemini). Early next week the heart will hit bottom as the soul goes over the top, and, with the beginning of summer, a powerful wave, building for awhile, will start to break out in drama and style.

Monday, June 06, 2005

June 6-12, 2005

After months of backtracking and internalizing, the tide of expansive creativity (Jupiter) has begun to move forward again, in love mindedness (Libra). By the end of this week Mars will enter Aries and give it a kick.

Monday is the Gemini new moon, heart and soul (moon and heart) aligned in the mentality near the top of our seasonal roller coaster (summer solstice). They are anchored by the pull of deep feelings at the peak of awareness (Neptune in Aquarius). Late Tuesday the moon (heart) moves into release, joining Venus (beauty) in Cancer for a couple days of flowing feeling. Tension breaks between mind and power (Mercury opposite Pluto). Friday the moon progresses into Leo, the peak passion of mid-summer. Tension breaks between mind and action (Mercury square Mars), beauty and creativity (Venus square Jupiter). Late Friday night mind (Mercury) also goes over the top into emotional flow (Cancer).

Saturday night Mars, planet of expression, crosses into Aries, the spark of early spring. This is activating. Beauty is blending with wisdom in sensitivity (Venus trine Uranus in water signs). Sunday the moon is through the peak of Leo's radiant passion, heading into practical Virgo. Sitting at the top of the seasonal cycle, full of awareness and thought, momentum is shifting to outflow, with a spark of motivating fire that is powering us toward a break-out summer.