Monday, December 02, 2019

Monday 12/2/19--Jupiter into Capricorn

Big, expansive, 12-year cycle Jupiter has hit the bottom of our seasonal cycle and moved into the grounded realism and constructiveness of Capricorn (10:20am PT), joining centering Saturn and heavy Pluto there, beginning a historic year of transformation rooted in the amplified power of physical nature. The Capricorn new moon on Christmas night will really kick it off.

Tuesday 11/26/19--Sagittarius new moon

New moon in warm Sagittarius (7:06am PT), at seasonal low ebb, with expansive Jupiter, completing a year of amplified passion. Deep feeling is backing to a stop in tender sensitivity (Neptune ends retrograde in Pisces Wednesday), anchoring us in this.
Moon into grounded, constructive Capricorn Thursday, Jupiter moving there Monday, beginning a big year of earthy energy.