Sunday, April 24, 2005

April 25-May 2, 2005

We've begun Taurus, the peak fertility of midspring, with the full moon in Scorpio, the magnetism of peak feeling. This week the moon (heart) releases its charged spirit as it goes down to the bottom of our seasonal cycle and rebounds with primal constructiveness.

Monday the moon is still in Scorpio's concentrating emotion. With Saturn in Cancer (grounding in flowing emotion) and Uranus in Pisces (wisdom in resolving emotion), all three water signs are anchored, giving us a solid core of feeling. Tuesday and Wednesday the moon settles down to warm, adventurous Sagittarius. Passionate mind is tense with loving creativity (Mercury in Aries opposite Jupiter in Libra). Thursday we awaken with the moon (heart spirit) receiving a kick of earth power as it moves into practical Capricorn, reinforcing the solid Taurus sun.

Friday tension breaks between fertile love and visionary dreams (Venus in Taurus square Neptune in Aquarius) just as the moon progresses into spacy, mentally isolating Aquarius for the weekend. Active, motivating Mars moves into tender Pisces Saturday night. The tide of spring's power is building, and the heart's alignment with deep feeling (Neptune) at the center of awareness Sunday is preparation for strong emergence next week.

We are on our way to the Taurus new moon (May 8) and the undeniable manifestation of earthy fertility, a festival of flower power.

Monday, April 18, 2005

April 18-25, 2005

We're moving into the middle month of spring, the peak of earthy fertility. This year it comes with powerful awareness of love and dreams.

Monday is the last day of Aries, the individual passion that begins spring. The moon (heart spirit) is in Leo, midsummer's radiant expression. Tuesday we awaken with the moon in Virgo for a couple days of fruitful practicality. Late Tuesday the vitality of the sun progresses into Taurus for a month of solid earth power manifestation.

Midday Thursday the moon crosses into Libra's awareness of harmony, where it meets expansive Jupiter on Friday. With the sun, led by Venus, the light of love and beauty, in fertile Taurus, we're growing strong in desire for what truly fills our flowering hearts. Saturday night the moon is drawn into the magnetic vortex of intensely feeling Scorpio, where it will be full on Sunday.

Our soul is solid with the fertility of the earth and our heart is full in an ocean of emotion.

April 11-18, 2005

We continue in Aries, the passion of early spring. Late Monday night the mental tide completes a few weeks of internalizing (Mercury retrograde) and begins to flow forward and outward again. The moon (heart spirit) is in Gemini, the mental and verbal activity at the top of our seasonal roller coaster.

Action (Mars) is meeting dreams (Neptune) at the midpoint of winter (Aquarius), the peak of alignment at the center of awareness. The sun (vitality) in Aries (initiating passion) is blending with Pluto (power) in Sagittarius (resolving passion). We are feeling a connection between spring energy and the pull of deep transformation.

Thursday the moon goes over the top of our seasonal cycle into Cancer, the release of flowing feeling. On the weekend it progresses into Leo, the radiant peak passion of midsummer. With a core of activated deep feeling in awareness (Mars and Neptune together in Aquarius) fed by expansiveness in love (Juptier in Libra), the power of spring now breaks out into demonstrative expression.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

April 4-11, 2005

We've reached the Aries new moon, the first of spring, where many cultures celebrate the new year of fertility and fruitfulness.

Over the past weekend mind, beauty and soul (Mercury, Venus and the sun) together in the passion of early spring (Aries) were charged by expansiveness in love-mindedness (Jupiter in Libra). This week begins with the moon (heart sensitivity) peaking in mentally isolating Aquarius, in the middle of life's interconnectedness. Tuesday it moves on to the tender vulnerability of Pisces for a couple days.

Thursday morning the moon emerges into spring energy, Aries, where it will meet the sun (new moon) on Friday. With Mercury (mind), Jupiter (creativity) and Pluto (power) all retrograde (internalizing), and active Mars aligning with dreamy Neptune at mid-Aquarius, the peak of awareness, this first new moon of spring comes with a big undertow, making for a powerful spark of spring fire ready to break out. Saturday the moon progresses into the peak earthiness of Taurus, where the sun is headed next month. It might get a bit brittle and testy by Sunday.

Mental Mercury is getting to the end of its three weeks of backtracking and internalizing, slowing to a stop deep within us. Next Tuesday the tide of mind starts to flow forward and outward again, and with it the passion of this love-charged spring is likely to be more directly expressed.

March 28-April 4, 2005

We continue in Aries, the passion of early spring. The week starts with the recently full moon (heart) in Scorpio, the magnetic intensity of peak sensitivity. It's taking us down to the bottom of things by the end of the week. Deep power Pluto is internalizing (retrograde) there, anchoring us, and the mental tide (Mercury) is also turning inward, giving pause and reflection to the flow of thought and communication. If we accept this at every moment it will work for us.

Tuesday afternoon the moon moves from the peak emotion of Scorpio to the resolving passion of Sagittarius. At the samt time, retrograde Mercury (mental processing), which led the way into spring like a scout, now falls back into alignment with the sun (soul vitality) in the fire of Aries, just as Venus (the light of love and beauty) catches up from behind and steps out to lead the way further into the fertility of spring.

Thursday the moon meets heavy Pluto down at the low point of our seasonal cycle. Thursday night it hits bottom, moving into the primal earthiness of Capricorn. Friday the Capricorn moon reaches the midpoing between Jupiter in loving Libra (early autumn on the seasonal cycle) and the sun, Mercury and Venus in Aries (early spring passion), charging them with intensity, releasing an earthy powerfulness Friday night. Saturday Venus (beauty) peaks in tension and release with Jupiter (creativity) and Sunday the sun (soul) does the same. By Sunday the moon has progressed into spacy, individualizing Aquarius. Next week is the Aries new moon.