Monday, May 30, 2005

May 30-June 5, 2005

We've reached the last week of deep longing weighing us down. And it's happening as recent tension is coming to an end.

All three air signs are powerfully anchored, and the pressure of awareness can be overwhelming. It's the last week of big, expansive Jupiter retrograde/internalizing in Libra, mindfulness of love. It's backing to a stop deep within us, and late Saturday night the tide finally turns toward outflow and manifestation. Also this week we are completing a three-way tension we've been experiencing lately between love (Venus), expression (Mars) and power (Pluto). It has all been somewhat trying, but it is part of the charging-up of a big wave which will release into the open this summer.

The week begins with the moon (heart), after a weekend in the mental alignment of Aquarius, now in the tender sensitivity of Pisces. Tuesday toward sunset it emerges into the spring passion of Aries. Tension breaks between the thinking soul (sun in Gemini) and wisdom in vulnerability (Uranus in Pisces). By Thursday, tension breaks between quick mind and deep mind (Mercury square Uranus) and action charged with power (Mars square Pluto). Friday, as the moon progresses into the peak spring fertility of earthy Taurus, mental sensitivity steps out ahead of soul vitality (sun), and love's beauty (Venus) leads them both into the flow of summer feeling (Cancer). The expressive impulse is blending with undeniable emotion (Mars trine Saturn in water signs).

By Sunday, Jupiter has finally begun to shift its weight forward, and the moon (heart) joins the sun (soul) in the (sometimes anxious) vision near the top of our seasonal roller coaster (Gemini) for Monday's new moon. Charged with intense awareness, aligned with love and dreams, we're building toward a powerful release beyond the summer solstice. It really will turn out to be the Year of the Rooster.

Monday, May 23, 2005

May 23-30, 2005

The last month of spring, Gemini, begins with a full moon. The vitality of the sun is in the mental activity near the top of our seasonal cycle (summer solstice), and the moon (heart), charged with magnetism (Scorpio) over the weekend, is full in the warm passion at the bottom of things, Sagittarius. Beauty is blending with dreams (Venus trine Neptune).

We are in the last weeks of Jupiter retrograde in Libra, expansive creativity internalizing in awareness of love. It's getting to people. On Sunday, June 5 it begins to shift forward into outflow and manifestation for an especially fruitful summer. With Jupiter (creativity) in Libra, Neptune (dreams) in Aquarius, and the sun (soul) in Gemini, all three of the air signs are solidly anchored, creating an overwhelming experience of solitary awareness and intensified yearning. This is preparation for the colorful summer to come.

Late Wednesday morning the moon hits bottom, rebounding in the primal earthiness of Capricorn. Friday midday it moves into visionary Aquarius for a weekend of mental alignment. The tension that's been building between beauty and power (Venus opposite Pluto) breaks late Saturday night, and the Sunday aftermath leaves the thinking soul (sun in Gemini) making sense of a vulnerable heart (moon in Pisces).

Monday, May 16, 2005

May 16-23, 2005

Charged with the earthy fertility of peak spring (sun in Taurus), the heart is projecting through the passion release of peak summer (moon in Leo). Action is aligned with wisdom in vulnerability (Mars conjunct Uranus in Pisces), and we're in the last weeks of big, expansive Jupiter retrograde, internalizing in Libra, awareness of love.

Monday through Wednesday the fertility-charged moon expresses its energy in the practical fruitfulness of Virgo. Beauty is blending with creativity in awareness (Venus trine Jupiter in air signs), tension is breaking between beauty and wisdom (Venus square Uranus). Wednesday night the moon crosses into Libra's love-mindedness, just as Neptune, the pull of deepest feelings, begins to turn inward at the peak of awareness (mid-Aquarius). We may be overwhelmed with the power of our truest desires.

Friday the sun (soul vitality) moves into Gemini for the last month of spring, the mental activity approaching the top of our seasonal cycle, the summer solstice. For the weekend the heart (moon) is in the grip of Scorpio's magnetic intensity. Mind is activated by dreams (Mercury square Neptune) and the romantic dance is highly charged (Venus square Mars). Powerful feeling is undeniable, even as we are full of thought about it.

Monday, May 09, 2005

May 9-16, 2005

This past weekend we had the Taurus new moon, heart and soul aligning with the power of the earth at the peak of spring. We are in the last weeks of big, expansive Jupiter being retrograde, backtracking and internalizing, in Libra, awareness of love. With Neptune, the pull of deepest feelings, at the midpoint of Aquarius, also an air sign, emphasizing awareness, this year the power of peak fertility (mid-spring new moon) comes with overwhelming awareness of how we really feel and what we really want. When Jupiter starts to move forward and outward again, on June 5, it will begin a summer of fruitful manifestation.

The week begins with the moon (heart) in Gemini, the resolving mentality at the top of our seasonal cycle, connecting with the other two corners of the air (awareness) triangle, Jupiter in Libra and Neptune in Aquarius. Wednesday this fertility-charged moon goes over the top into the flowing emotional release of Cancer. By the weekend it progresses into Leo, the peak passion break-out that comes with summer.

Mars, planet of action, is in sensitive, vulnerable Pisces, aligning with Uranus, deep, wise mind, on Sunday morning. In a year emphasizing awareness of love, intensely internal right now, the sun is in earthy, fertile Taurus, the moon is launched into the release of summer spirit, and we are motivated by the pull of wisdom in a place of tenderness.

Monday, May 02, 2005

May 2-9, 2005

The first week of May, the midpoint of spring, starts with the sun (soul vitality) in the fertility of Taurus and the moon (heart sensitivity) meeting action and wisdom (Mars and Uranus) in the vulnerability of Pisces.

Wednesday midday the moon emerges into the spring energy of Aries, releasing a charge from expansive creativity in love awareness (Jupiter in Libra) on Thursday. Passionate mind is charged with grounding in emotion (Mercury in Aries opposite Saturn in Cancer) Friday as the moon progresses into solid Taurus. Tension between vitality in fertility and dreams in awareness (sun in Taurus square Neptune in Aquarius) breaks Saturday night. Mind is blending with deep power in passion (Mercury trine Pluto in fire signs) just as the moon aligns with the sun for the midspring new moon in Taurus early Sunday morning.

This is a convergence of soul and heart with the power of the earth. In a year when creative expansiveness in love (Jupiter in Libra) is blending with deep feeling in awareness (Neptune in Aquarius), there is an undercurrent of longing for true fulfillment as we reach the peak of manifest flowering. The strong spirit of terrestrial magic will carry us forward to a summer of fruitfulness.