Friday, January 05, 2007

Capricorn 2007

We begin the new year with the first full moon of winter. The sun is in Capricorn, the primal power at the bottom of our seasonal cycle. On Tuesday morning January 2 the moon went over the top into Cancer, emotional release. It was full there Wednesday morning the 3rd, kicking off two weeks of energy outflow.

After a year charged with intensified feeling, this year is about the passion of expression. A peak around Sunday the 13th is a good example of what it will be like. The shift to powerful action starting Tuesday the 16th will show where it's headed.

Forces of underlying tension, building for a long time, are threatening to boil over. It's just the power of nature breaking through resistance. We must retreat to the tender essence of our truest dearness and yield to the divine light that will lead us through any darkness.