Monday, November 28, 2005

Sagittarius 2005

We've made it through Scorpio, the peak of emotional intensity. Now we're in Sagittarius, the last month of autumn, settling down warm and homey toward the bottom of our seasonal cycle. Big, creative Jupiter will move through Scorpio this year, making intensity of feeling our underlying theme. Because it's aligning with deep mind Uranus in tender, sensitive Pisces, the key to surviving expansive emotionalism (Jupiter in Scorpio) will be yielding to wisdom in vulnerability (Uranus in Pisces).

The mental tide (Mercury) is finishing a few weeks of backtracking, and will start to flow forward again Saturday night, December 3. For months, the action impulse (Mars) has also been internalizing, in earthy Taurus. It's been charging us with motivation in fertility. The night of Friday, December 9 it shifts into outward expression. We are grounded in passion (Saturn in Leo), our dreams are centered in awareness (Neptune in Aquarius), and we're ready to act on what's been generating inside us.

After a few days of emotional settling, the moon (heart) joins the sun (soul) for the last new moon of the year, down at the bottom of things, on Thursday, December 1. Spirit energy rebounds in earthy constructiveness starting Friday, the 9th. Heart spirit builds the next week, peaking in visionary mentality with the full moon on Thursday, the 15th.

With soul anchored by heavy power (sun with Pluto), the full moon energy spills over the top into the release of flowing feeling on the night of the 15th, making for an emotionally expressive weekend, progressing into powerful passion Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. By Wednesday, December 21, we'll have reached the winter solstice, the vitality of the sun hitting bottom for the year, moving into the primal earth power of Capricorn. An intensely emotional time on this planet will have a fresh start for constructive new beginnings.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Scorpio full moon

Many people have been asking lately why things have been so intensely, sometimes overwhelmingly, emotional. Tonight's full moon is the peak of what's been building.

Scorpio, mid-autumn, is an intensely emotional point in our seasonal cycle, the peak water sign, where the magnetism of spirit is most concentrated. This year, just as the sun (soul vitality) moved into Scorpio for the month, expansive Jupiter moved into it for the year, reinforcing the power of the experience. On the opposite side of the sky, adding charging tension to this building emotion, Mars, the action/expression influence, is in the middle of months of being retrograde, backtracking, internalizing, in Taurus, the peak earth sign of mid-spring. Action internalizing in earth power, pulling opposite the expansive soul being drawn into the emotional vortex. At the same time, Saturn, the grounding/aligning influence, is in Leo, the peak fire sign passion of mid-summer, while Neptune, the pull of deepest feelings, is in Aquarius, mid-winter's peak air sign isolation in awareness. All four seasonal and elemental mid-points are anchored, in what is called a Grand Cross. And we are in the middle, enduring the moody intensity of rising emotional power. It's been building since the Scorpio new moon on Wednesday, November 1, peaking in charging intensity with the full moon tonight, Tuesday, November 15. It will begin shifting into full release, after a few more days of anxious mentality, this weekend. A defining moment in the magnetism of spiritual experience.

What does it mean? I don't know. I'm just a tide watcher. But it sure feels like something is about to break into the open, even more than we've seen so far. California earthquake? Bush karma collision in Asia? Desperate hearts finding perfect soul bonding in the shadow of apocalypse? Beats me. I just want everything to work out nice for everyone. And chocolate milk in all the drinking fountains.

Mercury has gone retrograde. Nothing wrong with that. Quick mind turning inward for a few weeks. Uranus, deep, wise mind, has just finished its retrograde and begun flowing outward again. See, it's always something. There is no bad astrology, just energy tides we may not like or understand. The universe unfolds beautifully, including the room for resistance, distortion, and all the ugliness that comes when tensions play themselves out. This is a moment of intensified isolation in feeling. It's probably good for us. Let's accept it and see what happens.