Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Scorpio 2005

Scorpio, the magnetic gravity of undeniable spirit. Expansive, 12-year cycle Jupiter, after a year in love-minded Libra, progresses into Scorpio's emotional intensity for the next year. It will serve us if we accept it.

The sun (soul vitality) crossed into Scorpio, mid-autumn, on Sunday the 23rd, with the moon (heart sensitivity) in flowing feeling (Cancer). Dreams are internalizing in awareness (Neptune retrograde in Aquarius), action is internalizing in fertility (Mars retrograde in Taurus). A time of powerful depth. Late Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, the heart moves through peak passion (moon in Leo). Deep receptivity stands still inside us, begins to flow forward again (retrograde Neptune turns direct). Thursday, Friday, early Saturday, heart spirit comes out in earthy fruitfulness (moon in Virgo) just as beauty aligns with power in philosophical warmth (Venus meets Pluto in Sagittarius).

Saturday afternoon the 29th, the heart crosses into awareness of real love (moon in Libra) as the intensifying soul blends with wisdom in vulnerability (sun in Scorpio trine Uranus in Pisces). By Halloween, the heart has joined the soul in emotional gravity (moon with sun in Scorpio), where they algin, reinforced by expansive creativity (Jupiter), for the mid-autumn new moon Tuesday evening, November 1. A powerful convergence in spirit. This intensified focus is charged with grounding in passion (Saturn in Leo) and dreams in awareness (Neptune in Aquarius). The emotionally-charged heart gets down to the bottom of things Thursday and Friday (moon in Sagittarius). Saturday morning heart and beauty hit bottom together (moon and Venus into Capricorn), rebounding in primal power. Emotional soul is charged with tension from action in fertility and visionary dreams (Scorpio sun opposite Mars in Taurus, square Neptune in Aquarius). A powerful, testing challenge for everyone, everywhere.

Monday the 7th the tension starts to release its charged energy, and this week the heart moves through alignment in awareness (moon in Aquarius, peaking Tuesday), then a shift to tender vulnerability (moon in Pisces). Friday night, the heart spirit emerges into spring energy (moon in Aries) for the weekend. By Sunday night, quick mind is turning inward for a few weeks (Mercury retrograde), just as deep mind completes months of internalizing in vulnerability (retrograde Uranus in Pisces turns direct). Arriving at the challenging intensity of the mid-autumn full moon Tuesday night the 15th, soul is at peak emotion (sun in Scorpio), heart is fully charged at the peak of earth power (moon in Taurus), and wisdom in tenderness (Uranus in Pisces) leads the way if we let it.

The heart spirit climbs to the mental activity at the top of our seasonal cycle Wednesday and Thursday (moon in Gemini) as beauty blends with action in constructive manifestation (Venus trine Mars in earth signs). Friday afternoon, as earthy action is charged with grounding in passion (Mars in Taurus square Saturn in Leo), the recently full moon spills over into flowing release for the weekend (moon in Cancer). Heart and soul are blending in feeling (moon trine sun in water signs), and a rite of passage through the magnetic intensity of Scorpio is complete. A new fertility cycle baptized in spirit has begun.