Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Aries 2006

The first days of spring, the sun in Aries. It started slowly, with the moon sinking down (Sagittarius), then, Wednesday, March 22nd, the moon rebounds, earthy and constructive (Capricorn), and kicks the new season into gear. A few more days of mind internalizing in emotional vulnerability (Mercury retrograde in Pisces, since March 2), then, on Saturday, the 25th, the mental tide finally starts flowing forward again. The real start of spring will be the new moon on Wednesday, March 29.

This is an intensely emotional year (Jupiter in Scorpio, currently internalizing/retrograde until July 6). The grounding influence (Saturn) ends months of backtracking in peak passion (Leo) on Wednesday, April 5, empowering the heart (moon) over the next few days. Charged mentality (Mars in Gemini opposite Pluto) peaks on Saturday, April 8, then turns into emotional release at the first full moon of spring on Thursday, the 13th.

Passover/Easter weekend is a potentially dramatic break-out of primal imperative. Allowing the forces of creation to manifest through us naturally, however unsettling, is key to the healthy expression and peaceful experience of overwhelming power.