Thursday, September 22, 2005

Libra 2005

On Thursday, September 22, the sun crosses into Libra, the first month of autumn, bringing mindfulness of true love and harmony. A colorful, romantic sunset for the year. It begins with the moon (heart) in Gemini, also an air sign, emphasizing mental processing, building to the top on its monthly trip around our seasonal cycle. Saturday evening, just as beauty is charged with dreams (Venus square Neptune), the heart goes over the top (moon in Cancer), into the release of flowing feeling.

The week of the 26th, the heart continues with the momentum of expression, moving through peak passion (Leo) Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. By Friday, the heart, in this time of intensified love-thinking, turns to resolving old business (Virgo). All summer, the action impulse (Mars) has been moving into the power of earthy fertility (Taurus). Now it slows to a stop and seems to backtrack (retrograde), beginning several months of internalizing, deepening and strengthening the solid foundation of our primal expression. Saturday night, tension that's been building between the spirit of young male and female (Mars opposite Venus) breaks out into the open.

Sunday morning, October 2, the heart joins the soul in love awareness (moon with sun in Libra), aligning exactly (new moon) early Monday morning. The new year's fertility cycle has begun. With expansive creativity completing a year in harmony-seeking (Jupiter in Libra: Year of the Rooster), this a rite of passage, a time reinforcing our understanding of true and sustaining love, preparation for the intensifying year to come (Jupiter in Scorpio: Year of the Dog). The love-anointed heart projects through undeniable magnetic emotion (moon in Scorpio) Tuesday night, Wednesday and Thursday, then settles down to the adventurous spirit at the bottom of things (Sagittarius) Friday and Saturday. Now it's the loving soul that's empowered by visionary dreams (Libra sun trine Neptune in Aquarius).

The heart hits bottom, rebounding off the ground with primal earthiness (moon into Capricorn) starting early Sunday morning, October 9, then moves into the aligning vortex of awareness Tuesday and Wednesday. With expansive creativity empowering the love-minded soul (Jupiter with the sun in Libra) and deep feelings supporting the seed-centered heart (Neptune with the moon in Aquarius), this initiation in revolutionary vision (The Jewish Day of At-one-ment) is a righteous moment, preparing us for the test of heart and soul survival we are heading into with the coming winter. It is the absolute acceptance alignment in awareness (however solitary amidst the pattern of life's interconnecton) that is required for the purified essence to emerge, through pressured challenge, into the strengthened flourishing of a triumphant new spring. The softening thaw that comes Thursday, Friday, into Saturday (moon in Pisces) is the saturation in vulnerable tenderness that the essence needs for true spiritual nurturance.

Saturday, the 15th, at midday, the heart crosses into spring spirit (moon in Aries), where it will be opposite the early autumn soul (sun in Libra) early Monday morning. Beauty is supported by grounding in passion (Venus trine Saturn in fire signs). Mind is charged with dreams (Mercury square Neptune). The fully-charged heart (recent full moon) builds in peak spring fertility (moon in Taurus) Tuesday and Wednesday, reaching the heights of sometimes-restless mentality (moon in Gemini) Thursday and Friday.

Just as the heart spills over into flowing release on Saturday, the 22nd (moon in Cancer), the soul fully aligns with empowering expansiveness in loving thoughtfulness (sun conjunct Jupiter in Libra). Together, vitality and creativity (sun and Jupiter) will now move into the intensifying magnetism of mid-autumn (Scorpio), and a year that will make the power of spirit impossible to deny.

Monday, September 05, 2005

September 5, 2005

It's Virgo, late summer, the fruitful harvest. The new moon was Saturday, 9/3. Deep power has just finished months of internalizing (Pluto retrograde) and begun to shift forward again.

Monday the 5th, the moon (heart) leads into Libra, autumn feeling, where beauty just aligned with creativity (Venus conjunct Jupiter), and Wednesday, Thursday, into Friday it goes through the peak emotion of Scorpio (while mind is charged with wisdom--Mercury opposite Uranus). By the weekend it's settling down to the bottom of things, Sagittarius.

Monday the 12th, the moon is rebounding in the primal constructiveness of Capricorn, and by Tuesday it's making a grand trine in the earth signs, with the sun in Virgo and Mars (action) in Taurus (fertility). The heart (moon) moves through visionary Aquarius Wednesday and Thursday (as soul and mind are charged with power--sun and Mercury square Pluto), moving into tender Pisces Friday, where it's full (opposite the fruitful Virgo sun) Saturday night.

Sunday the 18th, the moon goes into fiery Aries (as beauty is blending with wisdom--Venus trine Uranus), and it's building in spring energy the following week when the sun crosses the autumn equinox, sunset for the year, on Thursday, September 22, joining expansive Jupiter in Libra's love-awareness.

By the end of October, the sun and Jupiter will move into Scorpio together, beginning a year of magnetic intensity.