Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pisces 2007

Pisces, late winter, a time of emotional sensitivity. The mental tide is turning inward (Mercury retrograde, until March 8), undermining momentum, increasing reflection, requiring us to be flexible and adaptive in communication and connection.

With the fire of passionate expression reinforced (Jupiter in Sagittarius trining Saturn in Leo, peaking March 16), Sunday night, February 25, the moon went over the top of our seasonal cycle, kicking off the built-up release of flowing feeling. These days, deep mind is moving through tenderness (Uranus in Pisces--the sun will align there March 5). We don't get the benefit of wisdom unless we accept the challenge of vulnerability.

Grounding in passion is internalizing (Saturn in Leo retrograde) and has come back to a peak of energizing tension with dreams in awareness (opposite Neptune in Aquarius, exact on February 28). It is an intensifying undercurrent to what is happening during this especially emotional time. Preparation for a powerfully fertile spring and summer.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Aquarius 2007

Thursday, February 1 is the mid-winter full moon. A powerful turning point. Soul isolated in awareness, heart full at peak passion. (Sun in Aquarius, Moon full in Leo, 9:45pm Pacific time) We are drawn back into our separate selves amidst the pressures of life and the pattern of our interrelated involvement. We are stripped down to our essence, the seed shell is cracking, true nature is being activated. The passionate heart will break through old structures, releasing energy that will forge new arrangements.

Soul, dreams and healing are together in visionary awareness. (Sun, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius) Love, wisdom and spirituality are together in tender sensitivity (Venus, Uranus and Moon node in Pisces)

We must accept purification amidst the pressure of survival, letting creation manifest naturally. In two weeks, when the moon meets the sun in mid-winter on Saturday, February 17 (Aquarius new moon), heart and soul will converge at the center of divine intelligence. This is the seed germination moment. From there, renewed fertility will emerge, through saturating nurturance in vulnerability, into full flowering with the coming spring.

For now, it's all about accepting isolation in awareness amidst the pressure to connect, allowing nature to have its way with us, leaving us in a better relationship to everything.