Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Leo 2006

We've reached an extremely powerful, historic moment where underlying nature is heated to the boiling point, ready to break out in volcanic manifestation. Everything is reinforced right now. Expansive Jupiter, on its 12-year cycle, is at the peak emotional intensity, Scorpio, and its counterbalance, Saturn, on its 30-year cycle, is anchoring its centering/grounding influence in Leo, the peak of passion expression. After a first month of summer, Cancer, that saturated us with feeling, now the vitality of the sun moves into the radiant heat of mid-summer, Leo, starting with the new moon on Monday night, July 24, heart and soul (moon and sun) aligned in peak passion. The full moon on August 9 will be the culminating turning point, where the intensified experience of feeling reaches the break-out of undeniable passion manifestation. The power of nature is breaking through the tension of an unhealthy order.

We start the month in the last days of internalizing mind (Mercury retrograde). It will seem to stand still and begin to flow outward again starting Friday night, July 28. We awaken Tusday the 25th after the Leo new moon with heart (moon) leading the way through reinforced passion (meeting Saturn in Leo Tuesday night), as love, creativity and wisdom are blending in emotion (Venus, Jupiter and Uranus making grand trine in water signs). Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the fired-up heart pours its spirit into practical fruitfulness (moon in Virgo). Saturday night, with mind in feeling flowing foward again (Mercury in Cancer now moving direct), the passion-charged heart moves into love-mindedness (Libra moon).

Tuesday, August 1, and especially Wednesday, the 2nd, heart is magnetized with intense feeling (moon with Jupiter in Scorpio), charged by the passion of the season (square sun and Saturn in Leo). Friday and Saturday we settle down, warm, heavy, restless, with the moon in Sagittarius, the low ebb of our seasonal cycle. Late Saturday night the passionate heart hits bottom, rebounding off the ground with primal power (moon in Capricorn). By early Monday the soul vitality of the sun has reached exact alignment with undeniable centering in the expression of passion (sun meets Saturn in Leo). Wednesday morning, 4am Pacific time, the heart (moon) is full, aligned with the pull of dreams and healing (Neptune and Chiron) in visionary Aquarius, opposite, energetically charged by, the especially passionate soul (sun with Saturn) in Leo, reaching a culminating break-out point in the manifestation of power that's been building for a long time. Coming at the exact point of midsummer, with big Jupiter and Saturn at the peak of emotion (feeling) and passion (expression), its a reinforced, intensified polarization the makes for especially big, perhaps dramatic energy waves, remaking the coastlines of our lives in its wake.

Thursday and Friday, August 10 and 11, we're awash in released vulnerability (Pisces moon), then we wake up Saturday the 12th with the heart (moon) emerging into the dawn spirit of early spring (Aries). With soul and power (sun and Pluto) holding the other two corners of the fire sign triangle, it's a weekend where the passion unleashed at the full moon now shoots through the cracking earth, a first glimpse of what will naturally emerge in the wake of the tense order's shattering. The heart grows strong in nature-charged earth power fertility (moon in Taurus), peaking with intensity Tuesday the 15th. Mentally charged Wednesday and Thursday (moon in Gemini), late Friday the heart goes over the top into the release of flowing feeling (Cancer moon).

As the moon goes through fiery Leo on Monday the 21st and Tuesday the 22nd, it completes a powerful, possibly historic month long rite of passage, a turning point in the manifestation of underlying nature at a time of overwhelming emotion (feeling) and endeniable passion (expression). The sun moves beyond Leo on Wednesday the 23rd, with the moon right behind it, into Virgo, the ripening bounty of a good harvest. All the energy that has been released can now go into the gathering and enjoyment of truly fruitful consequences. The Great Purification has begun.