Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday 3/29/10--Aries full moon

The first full moon of spring (7:26pm Pacific time). Sun in Aries (independent soul), moon full in Libra (heart seeking love). In a time of energized sensitivity and activated passion (Jupiter in Pisces, Mars in Leo), healing dreams in visionary awareness (Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius).

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday 3/20/10--spring equinox

We have reached the midpoint in our yearly cycle around the sun, balancing polarity between day and night for everyone on the planet, tipping toward daylight, spring, in the north (10:32am Pacific time). The action impulse, charged with passion (Mars in Leo), adds fire to the vitality emerging with the spark of spring (Sun into Aries). We are grounded in the need for true harmony (Saturn in Libra).

After a few days of mentality (Moon in Gemini), Tuesday brings a big release of built-up feeling (Moon into Cancer), developing into big passion break-out by the end of the week (Moon into Leo).

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday 3/16/10

Alignment with deep mind in vulnerable sensitivity. Spring emergence begins this weekend.

(Sun meets Uranus in Pisces 11:51pm Pacific time. Sun into Aries Saturday 10:32am.)

Monday, March 08, 2010

Monday 3/8/10

In a time of vulnerable sensitivity (Sun in Pisces, with Jupiter), the heart spirit has just hit bottom on its monthly cycle, joining heavy power in primal earth force (Moon into Capricorn, with Pluto). Grounding at first, it slowly moves forward with constructiveness.

The action expression impulse is completing months of backtracking and internalizing in peak passion (Mars ending retrograde in Leo), charging us up, ready for dynamic release. It shifts to outward manifestation Wednesday, beginning a period of activated passion expression.

At the end of the week we move through isolating alignment in awareness (Moon into Aquarius Thursday/Friday), as a month of saturating tenderness culminates on the weekend (Moon into Pisces). The Pisces new moon on Monday 3/15--heart, soul, mind and wisdom together in vulnerable feeling (Moon, Sun, Mercury and Uranus meet in Pisces)--is a convergence in the spirituality of sensitivity.

Next week, heart leads the way into spring spirit (Moon into Aries late Monday night), and spring begins the following weekend (Sun into Aries, equinox, Saturday 3/20).