Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday 6/27/10

A big full moon with major forces at all four solstice/equinox points has brought an intensification of nature power, breaking through tension and restraint, catalyzing reconciliation with deep humanity. The consequences of this will play out all summer. Soon, life emphasis moves from practical resolution to loving attitude (Saturn from Virgo into Libra July 21).

Friday, June 25, 2010

Saturday 6/26/10--full moon

With the sun in the flowing feeling of Cancer, the moon full with heavy Pluto in the primal force of Capricorn, a grand cross of planetary influences at the seasonal turning points, a peak of intensified nature power.

Summer Solstice Grand Cross 2010

On Monday June 21 the sun reached the highest point in our sky, summer solstice in the north, moving over the top of our seasonal cycle into the release of flowing feeling, Cancer. When the moon is full at the bottom of things in grounded Capricorn on Saturday June 26 (4:31am PT), a grand cross of planetary forces at the four corners of the seasonal pattern creates a historic reinforcement of nature power with the potential for dramatic, transformative consequences.

The sun at summer solstice in sensitive Cancer, the full moon with heavy Pluto at winter solstice in earthy Capricorn, expansive Jupiter and revolutionary Uranus at spring equinox in passionate Aries, and centering Saturn at autumn equinox crossing from practical Virgo into loving Libra is an unprecedented four-way tension at our power-shifting points. The release of that energy could bring the trauma of cataclysm and upheaval, the failure of control-based structures, but it also empowers healthy humanity and the emergence of nature-based solutions. We are entering an apocalyptic era, "the light of truth revealed," and must accept the magic of creation, settled with simplicity and awareness amidst the unfolding drama.

Next year, as the dynamic progression of evolutionary development described by the Mayan Calendar reaches the ninth and final vibratory level, completing a process that began with the big bang 16 billion years ago (ending, according to the traditional count, on October 28, 2011), we will move through an energy intensification that will cleanse us of dualistic confusion and bring us to an integrated relationship with the fabric of divinity, in clarified consciousness and organic interdependence. What we go through between now and then may be a tribulation, but it is the catalyzed crisis of longstanding disease, a purging catharsis that will leave us purified and renewed in the miracle of enlightenment.