Thursday, June 26, 2014

Friday 6/27/14--Cancer new moon

Moon joins Sun over the top of our seasonal cycle, into flowing feeling Cancer, 2:06pm Pacific time Thursday. They meet there, first new moon of summer, 1:08am Friday. Big, creative Jupiter leads the way.

Activated love is energized with passionate wisdom--Mars in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries. Sensitivity is intensified--Saturn in Scorpio. Mental Mercury is completing weeks of reflection, turning forward Tuesday.

Built up potential is shifting to powerful expression.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Saturday 6/21/14--solstice

The Sun reaches the highest point in our sky, solstice, Saturday 6/21, 3:51am PDT, longest day of the year in the north, shifting over the top of our seasonal cycle into Cancer, the release of flowing feeling.

The Moon is in Aries, emerging spirit, building potential for a week, joining the Sun over the top for the first new moon of summer Friday 6/27.

Active Mars, seeking harmony in Libra, is charged for revolutionary expression, opposite Uranus in Aries Wednesday 6/25.

Mental Mercury ends retrograde, backtracking and reflective, returning to forward motion Tuesday 7/1.

In a time of reinforced nature power and intensified sensitivity, a summer of big energy release now begins.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday 6/12/14--Gemini full moon

Last full moon before solstice, 9:11pm PDT. Sun in mental Gemini, near the top of our seasonal cycle, Moon full in philosophical Sagittarius, getting down to the bottom of things.

Moon hits bottom, into the primal nature force of Capricorn, Friday, 10:04am PDT. It joins heavy Pluto there Saturday morning, energizing (square) active Mars in loving Libra. With deep power coming out and sensitivity intensified, we seek harmony.

A summer of big energy release begins 6/21.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Mercury retrograde

With the Sun in Gemini, the energized awareness at the top of our seasonal cycle (summer solstice 6/21), Mercury, the flow of mind, is slowing to a stop and turning retrograde, backtracking and internalizing for a few weeks, in the emotional sensitivity of Cancer (Saturday 6/7 4:57am PDT until 7/1).

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS. Communication and connection should not be dependent on momentum. If we give in to reflection and second thoughts, go with the interruption of plans, flexible to changes, it can be a time of deep communication and magical developments. Even signing contracts can be fine if we are patient with process and don't rush to resolve things in response to confusion. Yes, mechanical devices are more likely to break, but that's just because people tend to push shaky connections instead of backing off when they falter, giving things time and space to resolve. Like a riptide, where you can exhaust yourself just to prove you can overcome it, going with the quirky flow is the best we can do.

Life is intense these days. Giving in, shifting with the changes, riding out the strange experience, seems to be what's necessary. Especially when Mercury is retrograde.