Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday 9/30/09

With love in our soul, heart meets dreams in spacious awareness this morning, moves into tender sensitivity tonight, with deep mind there Friday. Heart emerges into spring passion Saturday, full there Saturday night. Mental tide moving forward slowly, grounded in practicality. A time of primal power, aligning us with the essence of our nature.

(Sun in Libra, moon in Aquarius aligned with Neptune 4:35am Pacific time. Moon into Pisces 4:26pm, meets Uranus 3:02pm Friday. Moon into Aries 2:21am Saturday, full moon 11:10pm. Mercury with Saturn in Virgo. Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius.)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday 9/29/09

Weeks of Mercury retrograde--mental backtracking, interruption, distraction--complete now, moving forward in the practicality of Virgo. Soul, heart, creativity, healing and dreams blending in awareness--sun in Libra, moon, Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune in Aquarius.

Aligned in our essence, grounded in primal power, we progress from here better for what we've been through lately.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday 9/28/09

Mercury retrograde ending, internalizing mind backing to a stop deep within us, moving forward again 6:14am Pacific time Tuesday. Sun in love-minded Libra is blending with moon in Aquarian awareness, energized by expansive Jupiter, wounded healing Chiron, deepest feeling Neptune. We are aligned with our essence amidst the pattern of our involvements.

Libra 2009--A fresh start in the land of love

With deep power now moving forward, we complete a time of energizing isolation in our essence, ready to progress from that new foundation toward harmonious fulfillment of our true nature.

After weeks of mental reflection, Mercury ends retrograde at 6:14am Tuesday 9/29 Pacific time, in Virgo, resolution of practical situations. This is happening as the sun has moved into Libra, early autumn in the north, a fresh mind for love and harmony, while the moon has joined retrograde Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune--creativity, healing and dreams--in the visionary awareness of Aquarius, stripping us to our essence amidst the pattern of our involvements. This is the holy moment the Jews call the Day of At-One-Ment: solitary alignment at the heart of awareness, forcing us into right relationship with life's interdependence, key to moving through the challenge of the coming winter to the flowering spring that lies beyond.

On Friday 9/11, deep power Pluto completed months of internalizing in the primal nature force of Capricorn and began moving forward with transformative expression. Now, the big planets backtracking in visionary Aquarius, energizing our oldest wounds and deepest dreams, will shift from internalizing challenge to unfolding manifestation--expansive Jupiter on 10/12, healing sensitive Chiron on 10/31, deep feeling Neptune on 11/4. They will join together at the winter solstice in late December. It should be a good Christmas.

Recent tension between grounding in practicality and wisdom in tenderness--Saturn in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces--has now broken. We are moving on. Soon, grounding moves into loving harmony as wisdom emerges into spring passion, both charged with primal power--Saturn into Libra, Uranus into Aries, both square Pluto in Capricorn. This is good, but could be disruptive. The force of nature is breaking through resistance. It our job to accept the miracle of creation, settled with the peace of divinity amidst all unfolding drama.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday 9/25/09

Spirit hits bottom this afternoon, rebounding with primal power. Mind still reflective, until Tuesday.

(Moon into Capricorn 3:19pm Pacific time, meets Pluto 4:44pm. Mercury completes retrograde 6:14am Tuesday.)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday 9/24/09

A fresh start in the land of love.

A new era of primal power, with creative healing dreams aligning us in our essence at the heart of life's interrelationship.

(Sun in Libra. Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius.)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday 9/22/09--equinox

Intensified feeling. Moving from practical pressure to loving awareness.

Day and night equal for everyone on the planet.

(Scorpio moon. Sun from Virgo into Libra--equinox--2:19pm Pacific time.)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday 9/19/09

Reinforced physicality, heart seeking harmony. Finishing old business. A new year of fertility begins this week.

(Sun with Saturn in Virgo, Moon in Libra. Sun into Libra Tuesday 2:19pm Pacific time.)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday 9/18/09--Virgo new moon

A culminating convergence in situational adjustment, completing the intensity of recent drama. We are ready to move on, in peace and love.

(Virgo new moon 11:44am Pacific time, with Saturn and retrograde Mercury, opposite Uranus in Pisces. Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius.)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Wednesday 9/9/09

With practical matters moving toward resolution (Sun in Virgo)--complete at the new moon on the 18th--mind has turned reflective (Mercury retrograde, until 9/29), the mental tide backtracking, internalizing, undermining momentum with second thoughts, interruptions. Nothing wrong with this, can make for magical connections and communication if we accept it and adjust to unexpected developments. Primal power completes months of internalizing (Pluto in Capricorn ends retrograde), starts moving forward again on the 11th. Energized tension is building between grounding in practicality and deep mind in tender feeling (Sun and Saturn in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces, peaking the 15th-17th), releasing at the new moon on the 18th. On the 23rd, a fresh start in the land of love (Sun into Libra) begins a new year of fertility and fruition.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday 9/4/09--full moon

In a time of practical adjustment, a peak of tender feeling.

(Sun in Virgo, Moon full in Pisces 9:03am Pacific time.)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Wednesday 9/2/09

Moving toward practical resolution, alignment in awareness amidst the pattern of our involvements. The new moon on 9/18 will complete recent processing, ready for something new.

(Sun in Virgo, Moon with Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius.)