Saturday, July 28, 2007

Leo 2007

Mid-summer, the peak of passion in a year of reinforced intensity. Everything that's been heating up now reaches the boiling point, either powering us toward true fulfillment or exploding from pressure that can no longer be contained. August has brought many historic moments where long-building tension has broken into dramatic development. This will probably be one.

At the full moon on Sunday, July 29 (5:48pm PDT) our souls are full of passion (sun in Leo) and our hearts are aligned in awareness (full moon in Aquarius). After a few sensitive days, starting Friday, August 3 the energy begins to build. On Monday, August 6, grounding aligns with deep expression (Saturn trine Pluto) and expansive creativity completes months of internalizing and turns forward again (Jupiter finishes retrograde), all in the passion of fire signs. By the time the moon meets the sun for the Leo new moon on Sunday, August 12 (4:02pm PDT), the peak power turning point of the year, the heat of passion will be undeniable. Divine manifestation, however traumatic, will break through resistance and redraw the landscape. We must accept this and, yielding to our hearts, find our place amidst it.

It is a hugely powerful moment. God is reclaiming this planet.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Cancer 2007

A month saturated in emotion. Mind is internalizing in sensitivity (Mercury retrograde in Cancer) until the evening of Monday, July 9. When the moon joins the sun for the new moon on Saturday morning July 14 it's a big release in flowing feeling, moving toward the peak passion break-out coming in August.