Sunday, November 05, 2006

Scorpio 2006

A concentration of planetary energy has moved into Scorpio, the undeniable magnetism of spirit. In a year when expansive creativity (Jupiter) has been waiting there, this is a peak of emotional intensity, catalyzing the manifestation of underlying nature. The Scorpio full moon on Sunday morning November 5 is a powerful gateway, aligning us in primal feeling.

A grand cross between forces at the mid-points of the four seasons has created intensified elemental tension. Mind (Mercury) is internalizing until the 17th, adding to the depth of the experience. Energy is releasing from grounding in passion (Saturn in Leo) and dreams in awareness (Neptune in Aquarius). On the 19th, wisdom in vulnerability (Uranus in Pisces) completes months of internalizing. It will support our passage through intense feeling if we accept it.

The full moon, charged with magnetized earth power, goes into big release Wednesday the 8th through the peak passion of the following weekend. There is no holding this back, only giving it the room to break out and remake the world. By the Scorpio new moon on Monday, November 20, forces converge in the power of magnetic bonding to forge a new order rooted in deepest divinity.