Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday 6/26/08

Passionate heart. Deep mind standing still in sensitive feeling.

(Moon in Aries. Uranus in Pisces retrograde at 5:01pm Pacific time)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wednesday 6/25/08

Heart, empowered with vulnerable sensitivity, emerges into spring spirit tonight.

(Moon meets Uranus in Pisces at 6:35am Pacific time, into Aries at 7:49pm.)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday 6/23/08

Vulnerable sensitivity.

(Moon in Pisces.)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday 6/21/08

Into flowing feeling now, heart aligns with spiritual healing in awareness, passionate action expresses visionary dreams.

(Sun in Cancer, moon in Aquarius with moon node and Chiron, Mars in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius.)

Friday 6/20/08--solstice

In this year of heavy power at the bottom of things, the sun's vitality has reached the top of our seasonal roller coaster, shifting into flowing energy release.

(Solstice--sun highest in the sky, moves into Cancer, at 4:59pm Pacific time.)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gemini 2008

In this year of heavy power shifting, we now move through grounding transition into energy release.

As the sun reaches the highest point in the sky, we are completing a month of intensified mental processing, Gemini, just as Mercury, the flow of mind, completes weeks of retrograde/backtracking there. Spiritual influences have been supportive, beckoning to us to accept alignment in awareness (Chiron, moon node and Neptune in Aquarius). Now, just as the vitality of the sun reaches the solstice, the top of our seasonal cycle, we have a full moon (opposite the sun) in the passion at the bottom of things, Sagittarius. It is especially heavy and powerful because deep, transformative Pluto, retrograde now, has just returned there after months in constructive Capricorn. Pluto will complete its historic transition into Capricorn later this year, but right now it is reinforcing a full heart (moon) getting down to the bottom of things.

On Wednesday, June 18, Venus, the light of love, leads the way over the top into Cancer, the release of flowing feeling, at 1:48am Pacific time. The moon is full at 10:30am. It aligns with heavy Pluto at 2:36pm, then hits bottom, rebounding in the primal earth power of Capricorn at 2:51pm. It could be a few days of core drama. Thursday morning, Mercury completes its retrograde/internalizing, and the mental momentum starts to shift forward again. Friday at 4:59pm, the sun, after being charged by deep power opposite heavy Pluto at the bottom, goes over the top of our seasonal roller coaster, summer solstice in the north, built-up feeling moving into powerful release.

This is a year of hugely historic magnitude. We may be about to experience what all this intensified power manifesting really looks like. It is important to remember that beyond any shock of release is the greater good that comes with adjustment. Deeper nature breaking through resistance and distortion is always a healthy development. Let's all be precious in our underlying dearness, the foundation of true humanity.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday 6/11/08--awareness under pressure

At a moment of heavy grounding in reality, we are going through alignment in awareness amidst the pressure of life. A powerful juncture. It can be challenging and illuminating. Heart in love-mindedness, deep feeling spiritual healing in solitary perspective, and reflective soul seeking mental resolution, are all combining to force us into enlightened relationship with life's interconnectedness, just as we are being dragged back to the bottom of things by deep power. We must yield to creation and live with the consequences.

(Moon in Libra, Chiron, moon node and Neptune in Aquarius, sun, Venus and retrograde Mercury in Gemini--a grand trine in air signs, complete late Thursday night Pacific time--with Pluto retrograde in early Capricorn, hitting bottom 8:02pm Friday.)

Monday 6/9/08--heavy undertow

In January, heavy power Pluto hit the bottom of our seasonal cycle, rebounding in the grounded earth power of Capricorn for the first time since 1762. A historic shift, empowering the physicality of deeper nature. Now it is retrograde, dragging us back like undertow. It can feel like an overwhelming weight. On Friday, June 13th (8:02pm Pacific time), Pluto drags us back to the very bottom of things. It will return to the philosophical passion of Sagittarius until November 26, when, moving forward again, it will complete this historic year of transition by returning to the earthy physicality of Capricorn, rebounding from the ground of deepest nature, a powerful new beginning on this planet.

This is an especially challenging time. Heavy power is dragging us back to the bottom of things while energized mentality is building--sun in Gemini, with Mercury retrograde--as we approach the top of our seasonal cycle. When the sun goes over the top at the solstice on June 20, it will kick off a big summer of energy release. For now, we must yield to this heavy wave, let it ground us and carry us forward.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tuesday 6/3/08--Gemini new moon

Heart, soul, love and reflective mind (moon, sun, Venus and retrograde Mercury) all aligned in the churning mentality near the top of our seasonal roller coaster (Gemini new moon at 12:23pm Pacific time). At a time when deep forces are getting to us physically (Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in earth signs), spiritual influences are guiding us toward alignment in visionary awareness (Chiron, moon node and Neptune in Aquarius).