Sunday, February 26, 2006

Pisces new moon

Monday, February 27, the moon aligns with the sun (heart blending with soul) for late winter's new moon in tender sensitivity (Pisces). At a time when the pull of deep mind (Uranus) is living there, the power of wisdom requires a willingness to succumb to vulnerability.

By the end of the week, Mercury (mental functioning) and Jupiter (expansive creativity) begin a few weeks (Mercury) and months (Jupiter) of backtracking and internalizing (retrograde). Nothing wrong with this if we accept it. The mental tide (Mercury) will be undermining momentum, increasing reflection, until March 25. Expansive manifestation (Jupiter) will be deepening and broadening, generating an internal charge of intense sensitivity (Scorpio), until it shifts forward, beginning a powerful summer of spiritual release, on July 9.

We are grounded in passion (Saturn in Leo), with visionary dreams (Neptune in Aquarius) charging creativity in magnetism (Jupiter in Scorpio). This is the season of emotional saturation (Pisces), preparation for spring's fertile emergence.

Aquarius full moon

The moon is opposite the sun when it's full. With the sun (soul) finishing its month-long midwinter passage through alignment in awareness (Aquarius), the moon (heart) is full in the peak passion of midsummer (Leo), its built-up charge breaking out into the open Sunday night, February 12. The energy released here will power us through a month of tender vulnerability (Pisces), then emerge into a new spring at the end of March (Aries). With expansiveness in the magnetic intensity of peak emotion this year (Jupiter in Scorpio--Year of the Dog), it's a powerful manifestation of spirit that will flower with the coming season. This full moon is the bursting of its germination.