Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Virgo 2006

End of summer. Harvest time. Virgo, the season of ripening fruitfulness, the practical consequences of this year's powerful developments.

We are currently living through an intense and historic planetary alignment. Three corners of our elemental cycle are anchored by heavy forces pulling at us from all sides: grounding in peak passion (Saturn in Leo), dreams in peak awareness (Neptune in Aquarius) and creativity in peak emotion (Jupiter in Scorpio). It is both tense and defining, energetically charging us, forcing us into right relationship with the center of our nature.

This year we begin and end Virgo, late summer, with a new moon. On Thursday, September 7, the full moon (heart) is aligned with wisdom (Uranus) in vulnerability (Pisces), releasing a built-up tide from there. That night, the action/expression impulse (Mars) leads the way beyond late summer's earthy practicality (Virgo) into early autumn's love-minded beauty and harmony interest (Libra). The next two weeks should find us gathering the true fruits of our year's toil.

By the time the moon (heart) comes around to align with the sun (soul) for the second time in Virgo (a purple moon)on the 22nd, at autumn equinox, we will have collected our fruitful bounty and adjusted to our new power alignment, setting the ground for the new year's fertility cycle, beginning with Libra, the romance of early autumn. The power of nature is leading us to something better.