Monday, September 22, 2014

Autumn equinox/Libra new moon

Autumn equinox, sunset for the year, balance tipping from day to night, Monday 9/22, 7:29pm Pacific time. Sun into Libra, a time of romantic color. Libra new moon Tuesday 9/23, 11:14pm PT. We begin a new year's fertility cycle looking forward with awareness of beauty, justice and harmony. A fresh start in the land of love.

Big creativity in peak passion is aligned with emerging revolutionary wisdom (Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus in Aries.) Sensitivity is intensified (Saturn in Scorpio). Expansive expression for fundamental change, rooted in core feeling.

Heavy power completes months of backtracking internalizing in the grounded constructiveness of primal nature force (Pluto ends retrograde in Capricorn Monday 9/22, 5:34pm PT), moving forward again, releasing energized potential for deep, transformative development.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Monday 9/8/14--Virgo full moon

Last full moon of a powerful, transformative summer. Sun in Virgo, resolving practical matters, Moon full in Pisces, tender feeling, 6:39pm Pacific time. The ripened harvest of earthy fruitfulness.

This summer, the reinforced power of nature, with intensified sensitivity, has begun breaking through unhealthy tension. National borders enforced by imperial powers have been overtaken by revolutionary passion, work situations and personal relationships requiring rational justification have given way to the deeper need for true fulfillment. Even geophysical stability is starting to shake apart from underlying pressure building toward volcanic release. We have moved into a time of fundamental transformation, imposed control giving way to the burgeoning forces of biological imperative. The enduring power of nature, the mutual blessing of healthy interrelationship, will emerge from the ugly collapse of longstanding oppression, now coming to a head. Apocalypse means, "the light of truth revealed." The planetary crisis is a new day for healthy humanity.

This full moon releases the energy of resolution and reorganization, rooted in emotional truth, strong these days. We finish one year's seasonal cycle harvesting its consequence, ready for a new one beginning with autumn rain on fertile ground.