Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Virgo 2007

The full moon eclipse releases in tenderness (Pisces). Wednesday night the 29th it moves into spring spirit for a month of ripening fruitfulness, culminating at the new moon solar eclipse in Virgo on September 11. This is the earthy harvest of passionate consequences.

Monday the 3rd is full of activated wisdom, creativity, vitality and heart, beginning a couple days charged with mentality. Wednesday the 5th, mind moves into love and we shift into emotional release. Friday the 7th deep power completes internalizing and begins to move forward again. Saturday the 8th charged-up beauty begins to flow outward just as action and dreams are blending in awareness. Tension between vitality and wisdom shifts into expression Sunday morning. Tuesday the 11th is a fruitful convergence. Spirit gets down to the bottom of things Wednesday the 19th releasing power and getting primal hitting bottom at sunset. From here the grounded, constructive impulse takes over, resolving old matters, with action energizing power and love charging our dreams, peaking on Friday the 21st.

By the time we cross the equinox as the sun moves into Libra's love-mindedness on Sunday the 23rd, the first day of autumn, the beginning of our new year's fertility cycle, the moon/heart will be out in the visionary perspective of Aquarius. It's all about accepting awareness, the key to godly at-one-ment.