Monday, August 09, 2010

Leo new moon

A peak of reinforced nature power, breaking out from here with transformative consequences.

(8:08pm Pacific time.)

Monday 8/9/10

A grand cross of planets at our four seasonal shifting points reached maximum intensity on Friday, August 6, a historic reinforcement of nature power. The Leo new moon on August 9, 8:08pm Pacific time--mid-summer in the north, famous for explosive global developments--turns the corner on the release of this built-up energy. It could bring everything from cataclysmic upheaval to miraculous renewal.

In 2008, deep, heavy Pluto moved into Capricorn, the grounded earth force at the bottom of our seasonal cycle, for the first time since 1763. Like before, it will be breaking through resistance with the power of a flower, making the world safe for healthy humanity. At the time it may seem like a tribulation, but it ends up being called The Age of Enlightenment.