Saturday, December 24, 2011

Saturday 12/24/11--Capricorn new moon

Heavy grounding in deep nature, with big energy backing to a stop in primal power, turning forward.

(Capricorn new moon with Pluto, trine Jupiter ending retrograde in Taurus Sunday.)

*Happy Christmas*
A seasonal festival of home and family, celebrated by many names in many cultures, to honor the return of light to this world.
Though we must get through the coming winter, the Sun is on the rise from here, building toward a new spring of flowering fertility.

Peace and love, everyone, everywhere.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday 12/22/11

Hitting bottom is dragged out this year, waiting for the Moon to join the Sun rebounding in grounded constructiveness Saturday. And with Jupiter backing to a stop in peak earth power Sunday, Monday begins a big shift of forward momentum from a solid new foundation.

(Capricorn new moon Saturday 10:06am PT. Jupiter ends retrograde in Taurus Sunday 2:09pm.)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

*Winter Solstice Christmas New Moon

The Sun at the low point of our seasonal cycle, winter solstice in the north, moving into Capricorn, the grounded force of physical nature, Wednesday 12/21 9:30pm Pacific time. This year the Moon is right behind it, reinforcing the experience, into Capricorn Saturday 12/24 5:47am, meeting the Sun for new moon (with heavy Pluto) at 10:06am. Grounding at the bottom of things, rebounding with primal force from core needs.

At the same time, big, expansive 12-year cycle Jupiter is completing months of retrograde--backtracking and internalizing--in the peak earth power of Taurus, Sunday 12/25 2:09pm. A big tide of creative physicality is ready to turn forward with transformative consequences.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday 12/13/11

Mental tide completes a few weeks of backtracking, internalizing, starts to move forward again. Heart and soul align in passion.

(Mercury ends retrograde 5:43pm Pacific time. Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Leo, trine Thursday 12/15 8:06am.)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday 12/10/11--full moon eclipse

The power of deep mind, backtracking for months, has come to a stop and begun to move forward again in true self nature (Uranus direct in Aries), energized by a full moon total eclipse near the bottom of our seasonal cycle (Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Gemini). Sunday, a shift to outflowing emotional release (Moon into Cancer 5:26am PT) begins a revolutionary assertion of personal passion.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Saturday 12/10/11--Sagittarius full moon

At the last full moon before winter solstice, low ebb for the year, both planets of mental influence--quick Mercury and deep Uranus--are completing periods of backtracking and internalizing (retrograde) in fire signs, ready for a new round of passionate expression. Planets in all three earth signs are a powerful reinforcement of physical nature.

We are getting down to the bottom of things, preparing for a coming year of revolutionary transformation.

(Sun in Sagittarius, Moon full in Gemini--total eclipse--12/10 6:36am Pacific time. Uranus ends retrograde in Aries 12/9 11:05pm, Mercury ends retrograde in Sagittarius 12/13 5:43pm.)

Friday, December 02, 2011

Friday 12/2/11

Getting down to the bottom of things (Sun in Sagittarius, toward winter solstice), with tender sensitivity (Moon in Pisces). Mind backtracking, internalizing (Mercury retrograde), unexpected changes requiring flexibility.

Planets in all three earth signs (Venus, Pluto, Jupiter, Mars) reinforce physical nature. We are grounded by dreams of healthy interrelationship (Saturn in Libra trine Neptune in Aquarius).

Spirit emerges with personal passion this weekend (Moon into Aries Saturday 5:51pm Pacific time).