Friday, November 23, 2007

Sagittarius 2007

Getting down to the bottom of things, this year especially powerful.

For years, deep, heavy, transformative Pluto, on its long, slow 248-year course, has been dragging down to the low point of our natural seasonal cycle, the end of Sagittarius. On December 11, expansive, creative Jupiter, on its 12-year cycle, will meet it there. This is hugely historic. Creativity and power are together at the very bottom of things, with the moon's sensitivity there too, just to make sure we feel it. This is the culmination of a process that in some ways began in '77-'78, when the outer planets lined up in the autumn quarter of the sky, initiating an era all about the deeper level of nature getting ahold of us and dragging us down to the ground of new and healthier beginnings. The tension-based order has been collapsing as the power of true nature has been heating up. Now, when creative Jupiter aligns with the sun at the winter solstice on December 21 and together they hit bottom, rebounding in the primal power of constructive Capricorn (with powerful Pluto joining over the next year), we have arrived at the profound, if sometimes traumatic, transition to a planetary culture rooted in the undeniable manifestation of creation's divine power. All that is unhealthy, based on the distortions of control and denial, will fail, superceeded by the awesome forces of underlying nature.

We begin this month with a full moon on Saturday, November 24, just as wisdom completes months of internalizing in tenderness and begins to flow outward again. (Uranus ends retrograde in Pisces.) We have been weighed down by deep mind in vulnerability. If we have accepted it, we've gained the benefits of tender wisdom, which now should become more actively useful. Charged with creative power, the full heart spills over into emotional flow late Sunday night/Monday morning, just as love and dreams are blending in awareness. (The moon, full in Gemini opposite sun, Jupiter, and Pluto in Sagittarius, goes over the top into Cancer, while Venus and Neptune are trine in air signs.) This begins two weeks of outflowing energy release.

The moon aligns with the sun for the Sagittarius new moon at our seasonal low ebb on Sunday, December 9. It joins creative Jupiter and powerful Pluto on the morning of Monday the 10th, then moves into constructive Capricorn. Jupiter and Pluto align exactly on Tuesday the 11th. Heart sensitivity (moon) will move through a week of winter processing before emerging into spring spirit on Monday the 17th. Jupiter hits bottom, into Capricorn, for the first time in 12 years on Tuesday the 18th. The sun meets heavy power Pluto at the very bottom of things on Thursday afternoon, the 20th.

At 10:08 pm Pacific time on Friday, December 21, the vitality of the sun hits the low point of the year, winter solstice, joining creative Jupiter in Capricorn. A new year of earth-shaking primal power begins.