Saturday, March 31, 2007

Aries 2007

Aries, the passion of early spring in a year of intensified passion. The light of love leads the way into earthy fertility (Venus in Taurus). Wisdom is meeting spirituality in tender sensitivity (Uranus with moon node in Pisces). Action is aligned with dreams and healing in visionary awareness (Mars with Neptune and Chrion in Aquarius).

Sunday March 25th the built-up heart spirit went into the release of flowing feeling (moon into Cancer), kicking off a week of powerful energy expression, peaking Wednesday and Thursday (moon and Saturn in Leo) with the fire of passion undeniable. At a time emphasizing isolation in awareness and the challenge of vulnerability, such intense energy can be unnerving. All part of getting us to accept nature and let it have its way with us, settling us with our deeper, truer selves.

Heavy power is slowing to a stop, beginning months of internalizing in warm-spirited adventurousness on Saturday the 31st (Pluto goes retrograde in Sagittarius). Sunday April 1 the heart moves into love-mindedness (moon in Libra) where it will be full on Monday. Down into peak emotion through the week (moon in Scorpio), with expansive creativity also beginning months of internalizing in spiritual warmth Thursday night (Jupiter goes retrograde in Sagittarius). Action moves from peak awareness into tender expression (Mars from Aquarius into Pisces) as the heart gets down to the bottom of things for the weekend (moon in Sagittarius).

Sunday night the 8th the heart spirit hits bottom, rebounding in earthy constructiveness and power assertion (moon in Capricorn). Soul vitality in spring fire (sun in Aries) is making a solid core of passion with centering grounding (Saturn in Leo) and expansive creativity (Jupiter in Sagittarius). An extremely powerful time, with the fire in our soul undeniable, bound to come out one way or another. The following week we go through essence alignment (moon in Aquarius) and then saturating tenderness (moon in Pisces).

By Sunday morning the 15th the heart emerges into spring spirit (moon in Aries) where it will align with the soul (sun) for the first new moon of spring Tuesday morning, new year for much of the world. As grounding completes months of internalizing in peak passion (Saturn goes direct in Leo) we move forward from an intense month of core fire into the peak of spring (Taurus), where fertility unfolds in colorful flowering.