Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Capricorn 2006

Though the sun hit the bottom of our seasonal cycle, winter solstice, on Wednesday, December 21, the moon was one quarter behind it, spirit dragging down one more week before finally joining the sun at the bottom of things, Capricorn new moon, on Friday, December 30. This completes the solstice process for this year, a fresh start at the primal ground of new beginnings.

Venus, the light of love and beauty, has gone retrograde, internalizing its glow. Mars, the action impulse, is in peak spring earth power (Taurus), opposite expansive Jupiter in peak emotion (Scorpio). As the new year begins, action in fertility (Mars in Taurus), charged by creativity in magnetism (Jupiter in Scorpio), is feeding the Capricorn new moon with earthy intensity, giving us a primal push. We're centered in passion (Saturn in Leo), with love, healing and dreams (Venus, Chiron and Neptune) out ahead in visionary awareness (Aquarius).

The first week of January, the moon (heart spirit), grounded in constructiveness, progresses through peak awareness (Aquarius) and the turn toward tenderness (Pisces) before emerging into early spring passion (Aries) on Thursday, the 5th. By the weekend it's strong in earth power (Taurus), rising to the heights of mental perspective (Gemini) Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday, the 12th, the nearly full moon spills over the top of the seasonal cycle into the release of flowing feeling (Cancer). That's where it will be full late Friday night, just as love is blending with soul (Venus aligning with sun).

By Saturday night, the 14th, the recently full moon moves into summer passion (Leo) for powerful, maybe dramatic expression, as action in fertility (Mars in Taurus) reaches the peak of its charging opposition to expansiveness in magnetism (Jupiter in Scorpio). The following week, more and more energy comes out in the service of our constructive new beginning (Virgo moon). Next month we will go through mid-winter, the Aquarian alignment in intelligent awareness amidst the pattern of natural creation.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


We're getting down to the bottom of things on our yearly trip around the seasonal cycle. Thursday, December 15th, the full moon is built up to the very top of things, in the (sometimes anxious) mentality of Gemini. When the heart goes over the top, into the emotional release of Cancer and then the passion of Leo, over the weekend, the energy starts to flow, and we've begun a rite of passage culminating Wednesday, the 21st, with the winter solstice. The vitality of the sun hits bottom, beginning primal renewal in constructive Capricorn. A time marked by people everywhere with festivals reverent of its precious significance.