Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pisces 2008

In this historic year of power hitting bottom (Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn), we've just gone through isolating alignment in awareness amidst life's pressures--Aquarius. With the mental tide turning inward (Mercury retrograde), it was especially challenging. Now, reduced to seed essence, our defensive shell cracked, the freeze softens and turns to tenderness that saturates us--Pisces. It may be sensitive at times, but this is the emotional nurturance that will lead to emergence and flowering with the coming spring.

We begin the month with a full moon eclipse at 7:26pm Pacific time on Wednesday the 20th, a peak of built-up feeling. For all the earth power breaking through now, we are living in a time when healing and dreams are anchoring us in awareness (Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius) and revolutionary wisdom is in vulnerable sensitivity (Uranus in Pisces). We must yield to feeling amidst awareness as we cope with practical matters.

On March 4, the action impulse will launch over the top of our seasonal cycle (Mars into Cancer), and on Friday the 7th it releases a powerful charge from primal groundedness (opposite Pluto in Capricorn). Great activating energy will be coming out in the expression of flowing feeling, just as we reach the Pisces new moon. It could be an emotional weekend. Again, allowing our truest sensitivity will temper us with genuine humanity.

Deep forces are shifting on this planet, bringing matters long building to outward manifestation. This is a year when the power of nature will be reshaping our lives, leading us through big changes. Accepting tenderness and awareness will comfort and sustain us through powerful process.