Monday, December 18, 2006

Winter Solstice 2006

This year, in rare synchronicity, we have an especially powerful winter solstice, with the moon and sun meeting together at the bottom of our seasonal cycle, heart and soul converging at the ground of new beginnings.

On Monday 12/18, after six months spending its energy going down the cosmic roller coaster, the sun, our soul vitality, meets deep power Pluto at the low ebb in warm, philosophical Sagittarius. The moon, our heart sensitivity, is right behind it. Early Wednesday the moon also meets heavy Pluto and then, at 6:01am Pacific time Wednesday morning, it aligns with the sun for the Sagittarius new moon. Heart and soul (and deep power) together in resolving passion at the bottom of things.

At 8:39am Pacific time on Wednesday morning we begin this year's powerful solstice shift when the moon leads the way hitting bottom, rebounding in earthy Capricorn. Then on Thursday 12/21 at 4:23pm Pacific time, just as tension breaks between action and wisdom (Mars square Uranus), the sun hits bottom for the year, winter solstice. Heart and soul are now together in grounded renewal and emergence, the primal power of constructive Capricorn. After sinking as low as it will go, we celebrate the return of the sun and, from this point forward, the growing light of divine nurturance.

After a year of intensified feeling (Jupiter in Scorpio), we begin a new year of reinforced passion (Saturn in Leo, Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius--all fire signs). May the warm, adventurous spirit of the seasonal cycle that starts here bring comfort and fulfillment to us all.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sagittarius 2006

This has been a year of intensified emotion (what we feel). We're now entering a time of reinforced passion (what we express).

At the full moon Monday night 12/4, the sun (soul) is down at the bottom of things in warm Sagittarius with the moon (heart) built up to the top in mentally-charged Gemini. Tuesday night 12/5, 10pm Pacific time, the moon goes over the top into flowing feeling (Cancer), kicking off two weeks of powerful release. By Wednesday morning 12/20, the moon meets the sun at low ebb for the year, the Sagittarius new moon.

On Thursday night 12/21, 4:23pm Pacific time, at winter solstice, the sun and moon will both have hit bottom, rebounding in the primal constructiveness of Capricorn. A year of passionate adventure begins.