Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Thursday 9/1/16--Virgo new moon

Late summer new moon, Sun and Moon meet in Virgo, 2:03am PDT, the harvest of circumstance, resolving old business in preparation for a new year of fruitful development. It is amplified by physical nature power (Jupiter in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn), energized with spiritual dreams (opposite Neptune in Pisces) and philosophical passion (square Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius), mind reflective amidst it (Mercury retrograde until 9/22).

Soon, a fresh start in the land of love, creativity leading the way, activated with constructive initiative rooted in primal needs (Jupiter into Libra 9/9, Sun into Libra 9/22, Pluto direct in Capricorn 9/26, Mars into Capricorn 9/27).

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Thursday 8/18/16--Leo full moon

With peak passion amplifying the assertion of revolutionary wisdom, seeking resolution (Sun in Leo trine Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius), heart is fully charged in our essence amidst the pattern of our involvements (Moon full in Aquarius Thursday 8/18 2:26am PDT.)

Power alignment turning point for the year. Heat comes out, a transformative expression (Pluto in Capricorn). Giving in to tender sensitivity is key (Neptune in Pisces). Big energy is leading to a harvest of ripening developments (Jupiter in Virgo), soon bringing renewal in love and harmony (Jupiter into Libra 9/2).

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Tuesday 8/2/16--Leo new moon

Midsummer new moon, ripening turning point for the year, energy that's been building breaking out into expression.

Sun and Moon meet in peak passion Leo 1:44pm PDT, undeniably reinforced, love aligned with wisdom in this (Saturn in Sagittarius, Venus in Leo trine Uranus in Aries--all fire signs).

At a time when deep nature power is transforming our world, we are led toward a fruitful outcome (Pluto in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Virgo--earth signs).

Healing dreams in tender sensitivity (Chiron and Neptune in Pisces) say give in to vulnerability, key to right relationship with the flow of life.