Thursday, October 25, 2007

Scorpio 2007

The sun has entered Scorpio, mid-autumn, the magnetic vortex of
intensified spirit. This year, with deep mind in tenderness and
active expression in flowing feeling (Uranus in Pisces and Mars in
Cancer), we move though a force field of undeniable emotion. The pull of dreams, internalizing since the end of May, is slowing to a stop deep within us (Neptune in Aquarius is completing retrograde on 10/31) just as the mental tide, after a few weeks of backtracking, does the same (Mercury ends retrograde on 11/1). We are challenged to accept being stood still amidst activated emotional intensity. We don't get the benefit of wisdom unless we accept our vulnerability.

The month begins with the Scorpio full moon at 9:51 pm Pacific time on Thursday, 10/25. Heart spirit (moon) builds, then shifts into outflowing release on the evening of Monday the 29th. Soul vitality (sun) goes through emotional amplification 11/4 through 11/7. Heart and soul converge in the magnetic intensity of undeniable feeling at the Scorpio new moon 3:03 pm Pacific time on Friday the 9th. Heavy energy pulls us down to the bottom of things Monday the 12th, rebounding with primal earth power the morning of the 13th.

The activating impulse (Mars) will be going back and forth in prickly sensitivity (Cancer) for five months, slowing to a stop, beginning its internalizing (retrograde) period, November 15. Nostradamus saw harsh forces breaking out under this influence. Even if that happens, it will only be, as Jesus is said to have suggested, the necessary unleashing of harbored tension as part of the great purification, purging us of spiritual disease we can no longer afford.

We all must accept and settle with the forces of creation, even (especially) amidst emotional challenge. The passion that has been heating up in recent years (big planets in fire signs) will now be shifting to concrete manifestation (moving into earth signs). The power of nature is breaking through its resistance, which is surely good, whatever the trauma of transition. By 2009, healing will be aligning with dreams at the heart of enlightened perspective (Chiron meets Neptune in Aquarius). We have come to the birth of a new age. The light of divinity is reclaiming this planet.