Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday 9/30/10

Loving soul, flowing heart, centered in harmony.

(Sun in Libra, Moon in Cancer. Sun meets Saturn in Libra 5:42pm PT. Moon square Sun and Saturn 8:53pm.)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday 9/25/10

With love adventure just beginning, rooted in vulnerability, heavy power is getting to us from the bottom of things, grounding us in earthy reality. We will leave behind everything that doesn't serve us. Young spirit is moving into magnetic intensity. After a couple days of peak mentality, a big emotional release Thursday, and alignment with the loving attitude that will lead us into healthy new developments.

(Sun in Libra, moon in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn. Sun square Pluto. Jupiter in Pisces. Venus and Mars in Scorpio. Gemini moon Tuesday/Wednesday, moon into Cancer Thursday as sun meets Saturn in Libra.)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday 9/23/10--Libra

Early autumn, the turn to loving attitude, this year beginning with a full moon in personal passion. Anchored by tenderness, grounded in primal power, led by the demand for harmony. A new year's fertility cycle now begins. We will move through a winter of essence alignment and emerge into a new spring of revolutionary creative manifestation. We start here, empowered from our core, guided by love.

(Sun in Libra, full moon in Aries. Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Libra.)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday 9/22/10--autumn equinox full moon

A fresh start in the land of love.

Sun into Libra, autumn equinox, 8:09pm Pacific time. Moon in Pisces meets big Jupiter there (beautiful) 10:05pm. Moon into Aries 1:47am, full moon 2:17am, square Pluto in Capricorn 7:25am, opposite Saturn in Libra 3:31pm.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sunday 9/19/10

Approaching autumn equinox, evening for the year. The last days of summer--finishing up old business, with heart moving through isolation in awareness, releasing into the flow. We're ready for a fresh start, aligned with our essence. Expansive energy has come back to meet the pull of deep mind in vulnerable sensitivity (retrograde Jupiter meeting Uranus in late Pisces). We are completing a rite of passage, a test about yielding to feeling amidst life's challenges. ("This is the sunset for the Age of Pisces...") This summer's intensification of primal nature force has charged us with readiness for dynamic renewal. It will break through into flowering manifestation next spring (Jupiter and Uranus into Aries, square Pluto in Capricorn). For now, as we reach the balance point between day and night, settling into the season of romance and grounding, this year beginning with a full moon (Thursday), we are called to accept saturating sensitivity and go with the love that leads us. Creation will take care of us if we let it.

(Sun in Virgo, moon in Aquarius. Retrograde Jupiter aligned with Uranus in Pisces Saturday 9/18 6:08pm Pacific time. Sun opposite Jupiter and Uranus Tuesday 9/21. Sun into Libra--autumn equinox--with Saturn there Wednesday 9/22 8:09pm. Libra full moon in Aries Thursday 9/23 2:17am.)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Virgo new moon

A summer of intensified nature power comes to a fruitful completion. We are ready for autumn and a new year of fertility. Love leads the way.

Recently, major planetary forces at our four seasonal shifting points brought a historic reinforcement of elemental power, balanced but intense. In some ways it has been stabilizing, forcing us to be right with the demands of nature as a new era of deep transformation begins to unfold. The last few weeks, a tide of mental reflection--Mercury retrograde, ending 9/12--has encouraged us to accept changes in momentum, giving up the pride of control for the reward of moving with nature's flow. Now, as expansive Jupiter joins wise Uranus in returning to sensitive Pisces after a preview in passionate Aries (they emerge there for real early next year), we are brought back to finish a time in vulnerable feeling, finding healing resolution there. Centering Saturn is now leading the way in loving Libra, showing us where beauty and harmony really come from. With heavy Pluto in the primal power of Capricorn, we have been tested to our core and are better for it, ready for whatever the coming era brings.

As the moon meets the sun in late summer for the Virgo new moon (Wednesday 9/8, 3:30am Pacific time), we complete the work of adjustment from all we've been through recently. Soon, a fresh start in the land of love.