Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gemini 2007

At a time of intensified passion, a month of charged mentality as we approach the top of our seasonal cycle, summer solstice, on June 21. After that, all the energy that's been building will break out into powerful manifestation.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Taurus 2007

Mid-spring, Taurus, the peak of earth power. Solid with the weight of substance, we need to accept it as grounding (not just exhausting) and give life a chance to unfold like a flower. Especially at this time of intensified passion and deep vulnerability, we must let nature have its way with us and see where it leads.

Early Wednesday May 2 is the mid-spring full moon, the vitality of the sun one with the earth (Taurus), the sensitivity of the moon full in the grip of magnetic spirit (Scorpio). Through the week we go down, down to the bottom of things (moon in Sagittarius), then Sunday morning we rebound in primal power (constructive Capricorn).

We go through alignment in awareness midweek (Aquarius moon), just as love shifts into flowing feeling (Venus in Cancer). By the end of the week we're activated by tender wisdom (moon with Mars and Uranus in Pisces). Saturday night the 12th our souls are charged with the power of visionary dreams (sun in Taurus square Neptune in Aquarius) and our heart emerges in the passion of spring spirit (Aries). Sunday is an energized Mother's Day.

By Wednesday the 16th the moon and sun (heart and soul) align at the peak of earthy fertility (Taurus) for the mid-spring new moon. From there we climb through mental heights (Gemini moon), and then Friday night the 19th the earth-empowered heart (moon) launches over the top into emotional release (Cancer). One more month until a big summer of powerful passion.