Friday, October 16, 2020

Friday 10/16/20--Libra new moon

Moon and Sun (heart and soul) meet in Libra (12:30pm PT), early autumn in the north. A fresh start in the land of love. Awareness of beauty, inclined toward harmony. From here, we can see past the coming winter to a new spring of flowering renewal.

"As we begin our descent and prepare for landing, the captain requests that you fasten your seat belts and return your tray tables to their secure and locked position."

This year of historically-amplified physical nature power, breaking through failing tension with transformative consequence, is coming to its culminating completion. On November 12, expansive, creative, 12-year cycle Jupiter meets deep, heavy, 248-year cycle Pluto in the grounded realism and constructive rebounding of Capricorn, an alignment that hasn't happened since 1771, kicking off the American Revolution for democratic liberty. It is bringing down structures based on tension and control, supporting the emergence of new ones rooted in the power of nature. And this time, with the addition of centering, reinforcing, 30-year cycle Saturn, the influence is undeniable.

5000 years (our recorded history), let alone 250 (the American experiment), is not forever, more like six months with a spiritual learner's permit in the grand scheme of things. A long period defined by exploitation and domination is coming to a head. Not because people are getting wise (most, however humble, inherently are), but because the consequences are catching up with us, part of the progressive development of life on this planet.

The Bible and many other cultural prophecies say that this period, "the time of great trouble," may look like the end of the world ("upheaval in every corner," "wars and rumors of wars"), but will actually be a purging of long-festering disease, "The Great Purification." It may include profound conflict, the ugliness of desperation, "but these are the pains of a new world giving birth." It will culminate in events that will seem like a "miracle," a quaint word to explain things we didn't think possible.

As Moon aligns with Sun in loving Libra, energy recently building between harmony-seeking (Sun in Libra) and passionate self-assertion (Mars in Aries) is now releasing. Mental flow has turned reflective in peak sensitivity for a few weeks (Mercury retrograde in Scorpio until November 3), shifting forward, solid with core feelings, on American election day. Revolutionary wisdom for healthy living (Uranus in Taurus) is leading us toward a new world of beautiful fertility. Amplified earth power peaks on November 12 (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto meeting in Capricorn), with personal passion, now building inside, shifting to new expression the very next day (Mars ends retrograde in Aries November 13). Wounded healing is emerging for the first time since the late 60s (Chiron in Aries). Deep feeling in tender sensitivity (Neptune in Pisces) challenges us to allow emotional vulnerability, key to grace and clarity amidst the crazy changes.

On December 21, just after winter solstice, Sun at low point for the year, expansive Jupiter and centering Saturn meet, as they do every twenty years, defining a near term period, this time just into Aquarius, the visionary perspective of life's interrelationship. The diverse aspects of creation are interdependent, and should be treated that way. That is what we must do with all the transformative nature power coming out now. Cooperation is not sacrifice and self-denial, it is free spirits interacting organically for mutual nurturance and dynamic development.

All we need is love. Not the good feeling that comes to us, but the acceptance of life's progressive magic, conflict blending naturally in colorful expression of harmonious richness, like flowers growing through the cracks of a failing order toward the light of a new day.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.